Bay County is fortunate to have a collection of economic development assets much stronger than typically found in communities of its size. The area offers many competitive advantages which make Bay County and the greater Panama City area the right place for you to do business.





西北佛罗里达海滩国际机场 (airport code: ECP) opened in May 2010. The new facility expands the region’s identity and appeals as both a major vacation and business destination. It’s the first new greenfield airport to be built in the U.S. 自1995年以来,设计符合LEED®标准. 机场位于西湾, 在巴拿马城和巴拿马城海滩附近, 作为通往该地区的国际门户. 服务由美国航空公司提供, 达美航空公司, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines with connections to popular U.S. and international destinations as well as direct service to:

  • 亚特兰大
  • 达拉斯(DFW和DAL)
  • 夏洛特
  • 休斯顿
  • 纳什维尔




It is owned by the Panama City-Bay County 机场 and Industrial District and governed by the 机场 Authority. 位于佛罗里达州第一规划开发区, 西湾, 机场建于4号,000英亩, St捐赠. 乔公司, with ample room to meet the demands over the next 50 years.

The airport replaced the Panama City-Bay County International 机场 (PFN) which was located in the City of Panama City just off of North Bay. Traffic at the old airport averaged 350,000名乘客 per year. 2010年5月起, 当新机场开放时, to 2017, ECP has seen record growth with annual traffic nearly at 1,000,000名乘客.



Surrounding the 西北佛罗里达海滩国际机场 and encompassing 71,000英亩是西湾, a new regional economic center and master planned community by The St. 乔公司. It is 佛罗里达’s first approved Sector Plan, allowing for planned development over the next 50 years.

The 西湾 Sector Plan’s initial entitlements accommodate 4.400万平方英尺的工业用地, 商业及零售用途, 27,000个住宅单位和900个码头码头. 在第一阶段, / (1,000英亩 is planned with “through-the-fence” access to the airport runway. 约39,000英亩 will forever be preserved along 西湾 and its tributary creeks as part of an environmental conservation program.

2015年,St. 乔公司 received approval for the Bay-Walton Sector Plan, 西湾分区计划的更新和扩展. The expansion area is located immediately to the west of the 西湾 Sector Plan in Bay County and Walton County, 佛罗里达. The Bay-Walton Sector Plan is a large scale and long-range plan that provides a 50-year vision for directing growth, 发展和环境资源保护.






港口 Panama City is a growing deep-water port and international gateway, 处理各种各样的货物, and offers the best shipping connections to Mexico than any other port in the United States. In recent years, the 港口 has invested over $50 million in new facilities and equipment. 在接下来的五年里, the 港口 plans to increase its cargo tonnage to an annual level of approximately 2.1 to 2.4 million tons, and has committed to another $65 million in improvements.

Panama City’s location provides a Gulf Coast gateway to shippers and consignees in Georgia, 阿拉巴马州, 佛罗里达, 田纳西和卡罗来纳. 该港口也是墨西哥的贸易伙伴, 中美洲, 南美, 中国, 欧洲和地中海. The 港口 is equipped with modem loading and unloading facilities for truck, 铁路, 驳船, container, 滚装船舶及深水船舶交通.

现场铁路由湾线铁路提供, which connects to the 港口’s Intermodal Distribution Center, a 240-acre pad-ready inland industrial park featuring a new 150,000 square foot distribution warehouse and a 54 acre McCallum Sweeney certified site. 墨西哥湾沿岸航道, a 1,从卡拉贝尔出发的50英里内河航道, FL去布朗斯维尔, TX, is located adjacent to the 港口 providing access to the Mississippi River and numerous southeastern ports.



  • 森林产品
  • 集装箱货物
  • 木球
  • 聚合
  • 糖蜜
  • D-Limonene

港口 of Progreso, Mexico has a Sister 港口 agreement with 港口 Panama City. The two ports pledged to promote shipping activity and increased commercial opportunities along the corridor. The 港口 of Progreso is located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, 距离巴拿马城港575海里. 港口 of progress处理了大约4个.2009年有600万吨货物, 而这个160英亩的港口几乎有8个,000英尺的商业码头空间, 粮仓和游轮码头.




湾线铁路,由Genesee运营 & 怀俄明, is a 103-mile short line freight 铁路road that interchanges with CSX 运输 and Norfolk Southern. 服务连接到CSX的21,在科顿代尔有5000英里的网络, FL和Dothan, AL serving major population centers in 23 states east of the Mississippi River and parts of Canada. 诺福克南方公司的网络连接在多森, AL, serving 22 states and every major container port in the eastern U.S.



  • 聚合
  • 水泥
  • 化学物质
  • 煤炭
  • 食物
  • 饲料产品
  • 森林产品
  • 金属矿石和矿物
  • 钢材和废钢



Highways connect Northwest 佛罗里达 to destinations throughout the U.S., including the southern-most Interstate highway, Interstate-10. I-10 is approximately 10 miles north of the Bay County line and 45 miles from 港口 Panama City. 它连接佛罗里达和加利福尼亚, 从杰克逊维尔的95号州际公路开始, 飞到圣莫尼卡的太平洋, CA. I-10 intersects with nine of the 10 north-south Interstate highways.


Interstate Highways Within a 265-mile Radius of Bay County Include:

  • 佛罗里达州阿尔福德I-10公路(41英里)
  • I-65在莫比尔,AL(150英里)
  • 阿拉巴马州蒙哥马利I-85公路(156英里)
  • I-75在Lake City, FL(180英里)
  • 乔治亚州亚特兰大I-20公路(262英里)



这些距离是从巴拿马城计算出来的, FL, 哪个是湾县的县城和主要城市 (来源:Geobytes.com).

Bay County is connected through a variety of other highways, including U.S. Highways 98 and 231, State Highways 20, 22, 77 and 79 and County 道路 388, 389 and 390. 77号、79号和231号高速公路通往I-10号公路.

Two regional connector roads are also currently in the planning stages. The Gulf Coast Parkway and 西湾 Parkway will provide convenient connections between adjacent counties and the 西北佛罗里达海滩国际机场 and enhanced transportation access for business and leisure corridors.

墨西哥湾海岸公园大道旨在连接美国.S. 靠近海湾县/海湾县线的98号高速公路.S. 在巴拿马城北部的湾县发现了231人. 这条拟建的公路还将连接到美国.S. 98 in Springfield to provide a bypass around Tyndall Air Force Base. This project is currently in the Project Development and Environment Study phase. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 gulfcoastparkway.com.

The 西湾 Parkway will be a four-lane road about 24 miles long, connecting Walton County to 西北佛罗里达海滩国际机场. This project is currently in the Project Development and Environment Study phase. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 westbayparkway.com.



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